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Categories of Water Damage Demanding Water Damage Restoration in Yankton, SD

July 5th, 2016 · No Comments

Water is vital to our everyday lives, but there are times when it can cause more harm than good. Events such as severe storms and flooding poses a threat and can leave your home or business severely damaged by water. While some cases of potential water damage are more urgent and severe than others, all situations demand proper and immediate attention to the structure and objects in the path of excess water. For better or worse, ServiceMaster Clean of Southeast South Dakota provides comprehensive water damage restoration in Yankton, SD.

Remediating a case of water damage requires a full analysis of the situation. Our restoration technicians are able to assess and mitigate all levels of severity based on the amount of damage sustained. The damaging water itself can be broken down into three categories.

Category 1: This category of water is considered the cleanest non-potable water. Water in this category is not dangerous to human health (though should be sterilized before consumption), and often comes from broken waterline pipes, leaking showers and taps, and other clean sources.

Category 2: Category 2 water is more commonly known as gray water. Gray water is not necessarily dangerous to humans if continual contact is avoided and if it is not consumed. Sources of gray water includes dish and laundry water, bathing water, failed sump pumps, and urine water. Gray water can become more dangerous without immediate, remediating attention because it contains microorganisms and some pathogens that can continue to contaminate and transform Category 2 water into Category 3 water.

Category 3: The most unsanitary and dangerous to human health, Category 3 water is also known as black water. Black water contains readily harmful bacteria and pathogens coming from raw sewage and other natural materials mixed with the water. Most standing water, seawater, stagnant river water, and ground water is considered black water and demands specific methods of treatment and waste containment during a remediation process.

Our expert restoration technicians are trained and equipped to handle all categories of water and situations of water damage. For more information about our comprehensive water damage restoration in Yankton, SD, contact ServiceMaster Clean of Southeast South Dakota at 605.665.7080 today.

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