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Spring Is the Best Time of Year for Professional Carpet Cleaning in Yankton, SD

April 6th, 2017 · No Comments

Spring is the best time of year to clear out the dirt and dust that accumulated over the summer, fall, and winter. The buildup of dirt particles indoors can pose increased health problems and cause long-term damage to your building. To prevent the negative effects of collected dirt, spring cleaning is a must. ServiceMaster Clean of Southeast South Dakota offers professional carpet cleaning in Yankton, SD, a service that is crucial to the process of spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning is important for all areas of your home or business, but a professional carpet cleaning alone can get rid of a lot of the dirt and debris inside your building. Because carpeting acts as a natural air filter, most of the free floating particles in your indoor environment end up in your carpets. A professional carpet cleaning can get rid of all the following:

Mold and mold spores are one of the most dangerous contaminating particulates you can have in your carpets. Because mold spores are present virtually everywhere, it’s likely that there are spores present in your carpet fibers. When mold takes root, it begins to release mycotoxins, which can pose serious health risks if not remediated with professional carpet cleaning.

 Abrasive particles can also cause a lot of problems if they’re allowed to accumulate in your carpets. Foot traffic and furniture can grind large dirt particles deeper into your carpets over time, leading to fiber damage and long-term reduced carpet quality. Spring carpet cleaning with a professional company like ServiceMaster Clean of Southeast South Dakota can extend the longevity of your carpets by eliminating the presence of built up abrasive particles.

 Staining particles can be just as damaging to your carpets as abrasive particles. Not only do most staining particles have a high acid or alkaline pH content that can break down your carpet fibers over time, they also decrease the quality of your carpet’s appearance. With a deep cleaning in the spring, all the stains accumulated over the past three seasons can be removed before they become a real problem.

 Bacteria and viruses cling to dust, dander, and other particles that collect in your carpets. These pathogens can include anything from cold viruses to MRSA, and some can remain infectious and alive in your carpet fibers for up to two weeks. The bacteria and viruses that may be lurking in your carpeting can be neutralized with the professional carpet cleaning services we provide.

 Odors in your carpets can stem from a number of sources. They may be caused by the visible dirt in your carpet fibers, or they may be completely unrelated. Whatever is causing odors in your carpeting will be remediated with our professional carpet cleaning services.

For more information about why our professional carpet cleaning in Yankton, SD, should be an important part of your home or business spring cleaning, contact ServiceMaster Clean of Southeast South Dakota at (605) 665-7080.

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