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Handle the Process of Fire Damage Restoration in the Yankton, SD, Area

June 12th, 2019 · No Comments

After experiencing a fire in your home in the Yankton, SD, area, you have a lot to think about. Perhaps you are worried about the impact on your family or are concerned about the well-being of your home. Oftentimes, folks who have experienced a home fire are concerned about both, along with many other issues such as protecting pets, contacting insurance companies, and replacing valuables.


So, how do you and your family get started after experiencing a home fire? Let’s look at the process of fire damage restoration:


Contact Assistance: After experiencing a home fire, you need to make a lot of phone calls to many different organizations. Start with the fire company, followed by an aide service and your insurance company. Qualified professionals should tell you that your home is safe to enter before you attempt to go inside! Once these calls are completed, reach out to your landlord or mortgage company, and then inquire about special IRS aide for people experiencing fire damage restoration.


Save Receipts: As you accumulate expenses and quotes regarding your fire damage restoration, always save all receipts. Receipts are important when you’re working with insurance companies to ensure that you receive the correct reimbursement and financial support. Additionally, if you’re able to enter your home and retrieve important documents, collect all that you can find because they may come in handy as you move forward with fire damage restoration!


Trust Professionals: Fire damage restoration should not be handled by you or your family alone. After making initial calls for safety and financial reasons, and getting documents in order, trust fire damage restoration professionals to take care of the rest. An expert company, such as ServiceMaster Clean of SE South Dakota, can evaluate your home, communicate with your family, and create a plan to help you all move forward.


After experiencing damage from a home fire in the Yankton, SD, area, contact the team at ServiceMaster Clean of SE South Dakota to help throughout the fire damage restoration process. Give us a call at (605) 665-7080 today!

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How to Handle Water Damage Restoration in Yankton, SD

May 9th, 2019 · No Comments

Water damage is a serious concern during the month of May in Yankton, SD. Along with major snow melts, homes contend with heavy rainfall or potential flooding. So, how do you keep yourself and your family safe?


Fortunately, the professionals at ServiceMaster are here to help, and here to support you throughout the process of water damage restoration. Here are a few things to consider as you make an insurance claim and recover from the damage:


Contact Your Insurance Company: If you realize your home is experiencing water damage, such as a hurricane, mud slide, or flood, immediately remove yourself and your family from the area. Once you find a safe place, your first call about water damage restoration should be to your insurance company. Speak with an agent directly so you understand what will and will not be covered.


Call for Restoration Services: Once your insurance company understands the extent of your water damage, contact a restoration company such as ServiceMaster. Our professionals can assist you in removing excess water or dangerous materials, and in evaluating problems within the home before it incurs further water damage. From a monetary standpoint, implementing these steps may assist in reducing your claim amount and increasing the support from your insurance company.


Take Photographic Inventory: As you restore the water damage around your home, take stock of all damage. Note which items can be replaced and take extensive pictures to accompany your insurance claim. Additionally, communicate with your restoration company to understand the extent and severity of the water damage.


Whether from flooding or heavy rainfall, burst pipes, or mudslides, water damage is a serious, difficult problem in Yankton, SD. If your home has sustained water damage recently, enlist some professional assistance. Call the team at ServiceMaster Clean of Southeast South Dakota and allow us to help throughout this challenging process.

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Take Control of Your Carpet Cleaning this Spring in Yankton, SD

April 24th, 2019 · No Comments

With spring weather constantly in flux and remnants of winter still hanging around, this is the perfect time of year to make sure you understand how to best clean carpeting.


Get those nasty mud spots or dirty winter stains out of your commercial carpets as soon as possible. Here are just a few reasons to get started!


Extend Carpet Life: Cleaning carpets extends their overall life, sometimes allowing them to last twice as long. Since carpets are typically a significant investment for an office, it’s important that you take care of them. Make carpet cleaning part of your yearly routine!


Vacuum Often: Between complete carpet cleanings, vacuum the office correctly and often. Usually, most carpets need to be vacuumed weekly to effectively remove dust, dirt, and dander from between the fibers. Additionally, make sure the vacuum is set at the correct height, otherwise there’s no way to ensure your flooring is truly clean!


Use Door Mats: Especially in the foyer or entryway of your office space, install quality floor mats to catch dirt and grime from footwear. Over time, dirt cuts away at carpet fibers, and the result is a worn-down carpet. Instead, purchase a few door mats to place within the entry way, and have them regularly serviced and cleaned. You’ll save yourself from premature carpet replacement along with a lot of money!
This April in the Yankton, SD area, consider investing in a high-quality carpet cleaning. Hire a professional cleaner to assist your staff members and ensure that your office remains clean and looks great, even amidst the most surprising weather changes.


For carpeting that looks like new, smells fresh, and makes a great first impression, give the professionals at ServiceMaster Clean of Southeast South Dakota a call today for all your carpet cleaning needs!

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What California Has Taught Us about Fire Damage and Fire Damage Restoration in Yankton, SD

March 13th, 2019 · No Comments

Fires raged across California into the new year, and the state is still feeling the impact of this devastation. Although wildfires can result in destruction and tragedy, they can also force professionals and home owners to pause, reflect, and learn.


How, exactly, do the fires in California impact life in Yankton, SD? Here are a few important lessons learned about fire prevention and fire damage restoration following California’s wildfires:


Check Building Codes and Violations: To prevent fire within your home, and ultimately, avoid the need for fire damage restoration, make sure all your building codes are up to date. That means replacing faulty wiring, checking alarms, modernizing building materials, and understanding fire risks around your home. If something is out of date or in violation of current building codes, contact a local fire department or fire damage restoration company for help.


Learn about Forestry Management: Understand potential threats on or around your property. Although Yankton, SD, does not have the same climate, temperature, or weather as California, it does have the threat of wildfires and it’s important to understand which threats are present in your area in order to avoid fire damage and the need for restoration.


Understand Insurance Coverage: Uncertain how well covered your family might be in case of a fire? Take the time to contact your insurance agent and double-check that your home is thoroughly protected. If you do need to begin the process of fire damage restoration, your family will have enough to worry about without the added stress of checking insurance coverage. Give your broker a call today.


The fires in California are a tragedy; however, they are also an opportunity to understand any weaknesses relating to fire and fire damage restoration. To help protect your family and home, always be prepared before a fire occurs.


Are you still feeling uncertain about how well your home is protected from fire in Yankton, SD? Give the professionals as ServiceMaster Clean of South East South Dakota a call today. Whether you wish to prepare for a fire, or already need fire damage restoration, our staff is here to help.

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Negative Health Effects of Water Damage in Yankton, SD

January 30th, 2019 · No Comments

Winter water damage is serious business in Yankton, SD, especially if your family is already concerned about staying warm and healthy throughout the winter season! With so many cold and flu symptoms flying around this time of year, make sure your home environment isn’t also negatively impacting your family’s health.


Here are just a few ways that winter water damage negatively impacts your health:


  • Mold: After water damage has occurred, excess moisture may not be the only issue to contend with in your home. That moisture can create a prime environment for mold to grow, and mold can aggravate existing health issues such as asthma and allergies or cause other respiratory illnesses. Make every effort to have mold professionally removed from your home as soon as you notice it!
  • Stress: Water damage is a stressful problem to resolve. Whether it’s from a small leak in the basement or a bad case of burst pipes, dealing with water damage increases the amount of stress you take on during the winter months. Increased stress can lead to a compromised immune system and leave you vulnerable to colds or flu.
  • Injury: Attempting to remove water damage from your home may result in serious injury to yourself or family members. If water pools around electrical wires or causes serious damage to your furniture or home, your family members may be in danger. Rather than risking those injuries upon yourself, hire a professional water damage remediation service to get the job done safely and correctly!


Hiring a professional water remediation service will keep your family safe this winter in Yankton, SD. Avoid the mold, stress, and injuries associated with burst pipes or leaks by contacting our professional cleaners to assist throughout the process of water damage remediation. Don’t allow water damage to ruin your February. Instead, give ServiceMaster Clean of Southeast South Dakota a call at (605) 665-7080!


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In 2019 Resolve to Properly Clean Carpets in Yankton, SD

January 2nd, 2019 · No Comments

Start the New Year off right in Yankton, SD! While many folks use January as a time to reset and recharge with personal resolutions—oftentimes about fitness, healthy eating, or other lifestyle changes—why don’t you resolve to do something a bit different? This year, what if your resolution was about your home? What if it was about creating and taking care of your space, such as cleaning your home from the carpets to the ceilings?


We’re here to help create a new cleaning regimen, starting with your carpets. But before you dive into a brand-new approach to carpet cleaning, let’s take a look at common pitfalls to avoid on your road to your cleaning resolution:


Reduce Wet: When you clean carpets in your home, do not go heavy on water. If you do use water to clean carpeting, there should not be enough to soak through the carpet and onto the padding or backing. Too much water might discolor or shrink carpets in the long run, so use it sparingly during the cleaning process!


Reduce Shampoo: Too much shampoo results in too much residue! Although cleaning products are intended to remove stains from carpeting, too much shampoo or other cleaning product might just create new stains and issues in your carpet. Clean carpets carefully and use products in moderation.


Reduce Contact: If you decide to tackle carpet cleaning this New Year, start by removing all furniture from the space first. Cleaning carpets takes time and needs space. If there is furniture in the area, it might end up stained or water logged as a result of carpet cleaning. Furniture with wooden legs or arms is especially important to remove because wood is most likely to leave stains. Always take care of furniture during home carpet cleaning!


Hire Professionals: Having professionals to clean your carpets ensures your carpets won’t suffer damage, will be thoroughly cleaned, and can even extend your carpet’s lifespan. The professionals at ServiceMaster Clean will ensure your carpets are cleaned thoroughly and effectively, removing any ground in dirt, debris, and dander.


This New Year, resolve to clean your home in Yankton, SD, from bottom to top, starting with carpet cleaning. Although there are a number of ways to approach home carpet cleaning, avoid common pitfalls in order to stay on track in 2019.


Looking for extra help with carpet cleaning this New Year? Let the professionals at ServiceMaster Clean help with your resolution, and give us a call today!

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Holiday Precautions to Prevent Fire Damage Restoration in your Yankton, SD Home

December 14th, 2018 · No Comments

House fires over the holidays in Yankton, SD are particularly hard to bear. During a time when your home is supposed to be filled with loved ones and happy moments, it can be devastating to have those memories give way to your home becoming damaged and in need of fire damage restoration. ServiceMaster Clean of SE South Dakota is available 24/7/365 to help you if your home is damaged. We know that disaster doesn’t take time off for the holidays, so neither do we.

Here are a few tips we’d like to share with you to help prevent fire damage restoration during these holiday months.


Be Tree Aware

When you’re decking the halls, be sure you’re doing so with care and an eye towards safety. If your using a live tree, be sure to water it daily to prevent the tree from becoming a tinderbox. Make sure you place Christmas trees, live or artificial, well away from fireplaces, candles, heating vents, and space heaters. When leaving the house or going to bed, make sure to shut off the lights on your Christmas tree.

Check the Lights

Be sure to check strings of lights for any breaks, fraying, or wear-and-tear. Often, when electric cords are stored for a long period, they can become brittle. If you’re putting up lights outside your home, be sure you’re using lights and cords rated for outdoor use.


Consider Flameless over Flames

Flickering candles make the mood festive, but candles are often forgotten and can be a fire hazard if left unattended. One candle can cause considerable damage that can only be remediated by fire damage restoration. Instead of wax or soy candles, consider investing in flameless battery-operated LED candles. Some of them are even scented and have the option of setting a time, and you won’t have to worry about extinguishing them. This will drastically reduce your chances of needing fire damage restoration.


Check your Smoke Alarms

With all the holiday cooking and baking, your kitchen may be full and working overtime. Keep towels, oven mitts, and hot pads clear of flames. Make sure you test your smoke alarms, have a fire extinguisher on-hand, and clean your stove and oven to eliminate grease or debris that could ignite.

ServiceMaster Clean of SE South Dakota is always available to help homes in Yankton, SD with emergency services such as fire damage restoration and restoration services. Contact us anytime at (605) 665-7080.

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Carpet Cleaning for Rental Properties in Yankton, SD

November 1st, 2018 · No Comments

If you own rental properties in Yankton, SD, your main concern is making sure you have reliable tenants in your building. Pride of ownership is obvious to people who are looking for a new place to live, so keeping carpets clean is an important part of the rental experience. With our professional carpet cleaning services, we can ensure your carpeting looks great while your tenant is living in the property or after they move out so you can attract new tenants.


Scheduled Cleanings


Regularly scheduled carpet cleanings not only keep the carpets looking great and smelling good but also helps protect your investment. Your tenants will appreciate your efforts to keep the property clean, and you won’t have to be investing in new carpeting every time someone moves in or out! If you allow pets on the property this is also a way to make sure that the carpeting is kept clean and fresh. With our carpet cleaning services, the carpet fibers will stay in better shape which results in longer lasting carpeting and better-looking surroundings!

Move-out Carpet Cleaning


Carpeting takes a beating when you have tenants. Dirt, grime, spilled drinks; your property has probably seen it all. When this dirt and grime settles into the carpet fibers it breaks down the integrity of the carpeting. Over time, if you don’t clean it regularly, this can mean the carpeting will need to be replaced. We can provide you with professional carpet cleaning services prior to your next tenant moving in so the carpeting looks great. They’ll be greeted with clean, great smelling carpeting which only increases your property value and the positive tenant perception of your management.



You want quality renters, and renters want a clean and well-maintained living space. By scheduling regular carpet cleanings as well as move-in carpet cleanings prior to your next tenant for your commercial and residential properties, you can make sure your investment is protected!


If you own properties in Yankton, SD, give us a call today to see how we can help you keep your carpets looking great. Our experts are on call and ready to serve you!  Contact us at (605) 665-7080.

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Get Assistance with Water Damage in your Yankton, SD Home

September 17th, 2018 · No Comments

Water that enters your home in Yankton, SD spells trouble. Whether it got in because of a flood, natural disaster, or a plumbing mishap, the water seeps into walls, ceilings, and furnishings. Water damage can quickly turn into mold damage as it takes very little time for mold to start growing. When you have water damage in your home, having experienced water damage restoration experts on your side will save you time, money, and heartache. We can get your home back to pre-loss condition after water damage.

Some homeowners mistakenly think that cleaning up water damage on their own will save them money. However, without proper knowledge of water damage removal systems, the water may be removed but the damage remains. Even worse, it can continue to cause problems well after you think it’s taken care of, causing more heartache down the road. We use only the most advanced commercial equipment to remove water and dry and disinfect the area that was affected by water damage.

Leaving moisture behind is the number one cause of continued water damage after the initial flooding occurs. Our expert team in Yankton, SD will remove waterlogged items and determine if they can be restored, eliminate any standing water, remove moisture from the air and structure of the home, and assess structural damage. We continually search for mold damage because mold in the home does more than just cause an eyesore; it has been linked to serious, life-threatening illness.

When it comes to water damage and your home, trust our water damage restoration experts. Our team will be on site quickly to help, assess damage, and get to work. With our full water damage restoration services, your home can be restored. Don’t delay in contacting us if you’ve had any water damage in Yankton, SD, and don’t go it alone.

We’re able to take your call anytime day or night at (605) 665-7080 and assist you with any water damage restoration you may need. Trust our experience!

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Different Types of Fire Damage Restoration Services in Yankton, SD

September 3rd, 2018 · No Comments

When a fire happens to your home, you need professional fire damage restoration services that can help you with every facet of the damage. It will save you so much time and worry if you’re dealing with one professional company that can do it all the right way. ServiceMaster Clean of SE South Dakota is proud to be the fire damage restoration company that Yankton, SD turns to.

We offer many services to help get your home back to pre-loss condition.

Emergency Board Up Services

When you call us, we’ll respond after the fire, and we will board up your home if needed to prevent further damage to your home. The boards will keep out the elements, pests, animals, or vandals.


Building Stabilization Services

It’s not uncommon for fire damaged homes to have structural damage. The water used during the firefighting efforts can weaken the structure of the home including walls, joists, and support beams. Before we begin mitigation, we make sure that the home is safe and stable.


Assessment of Damage

Once the property is secured and protected and the insurance adjuster has been on the scene, we can begin fire damage restoration. We’ll remove all the damaged building materials and start the inventory process of all the items in the home, assessing them for damage and note the restoration process needed. In some cases, we may take items offsite for restoration if needed.


Cleaning and Deodorizing

Once the home is cleared, we begin cleaning. We use state-of-the-art machines and techniques to thoroughly remove smoke and soot and make sure the home is structurally sound. The smell of smoke can be quite triggering for victims of house fires, so we work to remove the smell so that you can enjoy your home again.


For complete fire damage repair including water damage, smoke and soot damage, or mold damage, you can trust our expertise in Yankton, SD. Contact us anytime, day or night. We know that disaster never comes at convenient times, which is why we’re available to take your cal1 24/7/365 at (605) 665-7080 or contact us here!



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