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Spring Break – A Great Time to Clean Your Business | Commercial Cleaning in Yankton, SD

March 25th, 2014 · No Comments

ServiceMaster of SE South Dakota provides office cleaning and commercial cleaning in Yankton, SD and surrounding areas | Take advantage of Spring Break!

Finally…winter in Southeast South Dakota is coming to an end. Cold, snow, grit and salt have again done a number on offices, retail spaces and other businesses in and around Yankton. You did your best by vacuuming, changing entry rugs, and washing floors through the winter. But now that temperatures are beginning to warm and piles of snow shrink, some of Old Man Winter’s mark is left behind. Everything from floors to carpet to furniture, and even walls, need a thorough deep cleaning to get them ready for spring. You want your business or commercial space to look as fresh as the new season that’s pushing winter out of the way – contact ServiceMaster of SE South Dakota for commercial cleaning in Yankton SD.

Spring break may be the perfect time to put things in tip-top shape with a professional carpet cleaning in Yankton, SD. Schools are closed. More and more people are choosing to take off during spring break to give themselves and their families a head start on enjoying the warm weather that’s on the way. That means even childcare facilities may have few children to care for during break. With employees taking vacations and schools and day care businesses clearing out, it’s easier to clean areas that have taken a beating since before Thanksgiving.

A good idea is to make a list of problem areas that could use a good office cleaning like:

• Flooring that can benefit from being stripped, scrubbed, waxed or refinished
• Carpets, especially heavily soiled high traffic areas and entry spaces
• Hard to reach areas like corners, closets and under furniture
• Tile and grout for a complete scrubbing and sealing
• Common areas like break rooms, lobbies, meeting rooms and kitchenettes
• Walls in and around entry areas

Even if there is less activity during spring break time, it still takes extra time and effort to tackle the worst of winter’s dirt, grit and stains. That’s why spring break is one of the best times to call in the pros. A commercial cleaning company can work wonders when they have better access to those tough to clean spaces.

ServiceMaster of Southeast South Dakota is the professional cleaning service to call. We’re experts in commercial cleaning of all kinds. Whether it’s retail, offices, lobbies for all types of businesses, schools and daycare, or even manufacturing and repair space, we have the products, equipment, and trained staff with the expertise to bring your commercial space back to springtime fresh and clean.

Contact ServiceMaster of Southeast South Dakota. We will make sure your clients and customers are impressed when they experience the clean and sparkle we give your business. When it comes to cleaning, we aren’t satisfied until you are.

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