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Choose Deep Carpet Cleaning in Yankton, SD

September 25th, 2014 · No Comments

ServiceMaster Clean of Southeast South Dakota provides professional carpet cleaning services in Yankton, SD.

The spirit of self-reliance and getting it done is strong in southeastern South Dakota, specifically in the Yankton area. But when it comes to cleaning your carpets, we’ve come a long way since the early days of do-it-yourself methods.

Different types of carpet may require different cleaning methods or materials. New advances in professional carpet cleaning do a much better job of cleaning your carpets than just a decade or so ago. Also, professional carpet cleaning services aren’t all the same. Some may use a wet system, some a dry system, and others a steam system. Before you hire a carpet cleaning service, find out what system they use. If they don’t use a truck or van mounted system, they aren’t for you.

Do some research and check references. A carpet cleaning that only removes surface dirt as opposed to one that does a true deep cleaning can make all the difference in getting lasting satisfying results.

When a carpet cleaning process is limited to only removing dirt trapped near the surface, you’re only cleaning the part of the carpet you see. The damaging sand and grit that is deeply embedded in the carpet may remain after cleaning. Typically, that process looks like this:

– Vacuum carpet
– Spray trouble spots
– Wet the carpet with cleaner and water
– Extract the cleaning solution

This process can leave soil, sand and grit deep within the carpet’s fiber or pile. In time, all that foreign material will make its way down to the carpet backing. The abrasive action of that material grinds away at the base of carpet fibers and results in premature carpet wear.

When you trust your carpet to ServiceMaster Clean of Southeast South Dakota you receive a thorough and complete carpet cleaning. We don’t just “clean the dirt off the top.” We deep clean your carpet using the best products and cleaning process available. It’s our products and process that set us apart:

– We start with a heavy-duty vacuuming of the carpet that lifts the pile.
– Next we pre-spray the carpet with a specialized detergent that resists “stain return” to keep your carpets cleaner, longer.
– Before extracting the cleaning solution, we use a cylindrical agitation designed to lift and straighten the carpet pile. That improves dirt removal from within the carpet.
– In our final step we extract residue and dirt with steam heated to 250 degrees for thorough cleaning and faster drying carpet.

Your carpets represent a substantial investment and are an important part of your home. A good deal of family life happens on your carpets whether it’s relaxing during the evening or children at play. At ServiceMaster Clean of Southeast South Dakota we want to be sure our neighbors in and around the Yankton, SD area get the most from their carpets.

We are always looking for ways to serve our customers in southeast South Dakota better. You can depend on ServiceMaster Clean of Southeast South Dakota to not only take care of your carpet cleaning needs but other minor and even major cleaning disasters.

Contact ServiceMaster Clean of Southeast South Dakota for any cleaning challenge you have.

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