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Clean Your Rain Gutters to Avoid Rain Damage in Yankton, SD

October 26th, 2014 · No Comments

ServiceMaster Clean of Southeast South Dakota provides water damage support for Yankton homeowners.

There aren’t many sights in nature here in southeast South Dakota more beautiful than autumn leaves at their peak of color. Every fall the trees in and around Yankton, SD show off some of the best in Mother Nature’s color palette. It’s all great until they fall from the trees, clog the rain gutters on your house, and then cause water damage to your home because you didn’t cleaned them out.

How can something that seems so light and serene as it floats off your trees cause something as serious as water damage in your home? The reason for installing rain gutters in the first place is to catch rain runoff from your roof and direct it away from the house and foundation. A one-inch rain can dump as much as 1,000 gallons of water on the roof of the average sized home. If all that water isn’t redirected it can end up finding it’s way into your basement. If even the smallest amounts of seepage aren’t detected and cleaned up they can cause problems like mold, mildew, musty odors, and water stains on carpets, furniture and drywall.

When you see those brightly colored yellow, gold, and red leaves sticking up over the tops of your gutters, it’s time to take action. If the weather has been nice and the leaves are still dry, removal is much easier. Sometimes all that’s needed is a ladder and a leaf blower to clear them away. Once they get rained on a time or two it starts to get messy. Those dry leaves become little sponges. They soak up water and stick to the inside of the rain gutter, and become a gloppy mess of gooey compost. It may be possible to blast the rain gutters clean with a high pressure hose, but you can be sure you’re going to get soaked. There’s also a good chance some of that muck will clog up the down spout and prevent the rain gutters from draining.

It can be tempting to leave it until spring when the weather is warmer. The problem is, clogged gutters in winter can promote ice dams at the eves of the roof. What can that result in? Damaged shingles, broken rain gutters, and water damage.

Unfortunately, there are times when, because of busy schedules or uncooperative weather, your rain gutters may not get cleaned out before there is a heavy rain or early unexpected snow storm. When that happens, there is a risk of experiencing water damage. When water damage occurs, regardless of the cause, you need to deal with it promptly and properly. Left unattended, mold can begin to grow in as little as twenty-four hours. That can result in some much more expensive cleanup.

To be sure you have the resulting water damage properly cleaned up and the damage restored, call in a cleaning and restoration professional. They have the knowledge, equipment, and products to dry the area, clean up the mess, and assess and restore damage done to the structure and furnishings.

You can be sure you are getting complete and reliable water damage cleaning and restoration service from ServiceMaster of Southeast South Dakota. We have made it our business to know how to restore water damage to like-new condition. Our technicians have been trained and come to your home equipped to handle any water damage you may have suffered, from minor to major. For any of your cleaning needs, contact us at ServiceMaster of Southeast South Dakota.

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