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Water Damage Restoration Services in Yankton, SD

November 13th, 2014 · No Comments

Got a flooded basement? Call the water removal experts at ServiceMaster of SE South Dakota.

Imagine you’ve just finished the initial cleanup after a water damage disaster here in Southeast South Dakota or the Yankton area. Now is when the real work begins – water damage restoration of your home or business.

What it will take to restore your property depends on how severe the water damage is and the source of the water. There are three categories of water quality when dealing with water damage and restoration.

The first and least serious category is clear water. In these instances the source of the water is from broken water supply lines, faucets, toilet tanks, and other sources of clean water. This type of water damage makes for the least complicated water damage restoration projects. If caught early and addressed immediately, the amount of damage is limited, and there is no contamination to deal with.

The next category of water damage results from what is referred to as gray water. This is water from clothes washers or dishwasher overflows and leaks, dishwater, showers, and bathtubs. Here the contamination is minimal and there is little or no risk to the homeowner’s health. Water damage restoration efforts are minimal, and special equipment for dealing with dangerous contaminates isn’t usually necessary.

The most severe category and worst damage to clean up and restore is from black water. Black water comes from sewage, flooding from streams or rivers, and long time standing water. In these instances there are significant health hazards, and only a trained professional should deal with cleanup and restoration.

The amount of water damage, as well as the source of the damage, also affects what is involved in water damage restoration. Small problems caused by clear water may require no more than a little work with a wet/dry vacuum, fans, and a dehumidifier. However, other water damage problems will require more to restore your home or property to pre-damage condition.

A professional trained in water damage restoration can evaluate the source of the damage, assess what will be needed to restore the damage, and complete the water damage restoration in compliance with local building codes and disaster recovery requirements. They will know where to look for damage that may not be obvious with a visual check of the affected area.

When water is absorbed into drywall, carpets, and carpet padding, it can severely damage the materials. Damage, even from clear water, can permanently affect subflooring, wall studs, floor joists, and compromise structural support assemblies. A water damage restoration professional will know where to look and how to restore the damage. Remember, water, moisture, and water seepage that goes undetected is a breeding ground for mold and the serious consequences it can bring.

ServcieMaster of Southeast South Dakota is equipped to handle any and all water damage restoration projects. From small pipe leaks to major disasters from flooding and sewer damage, we can provide immediate service to tackle the problem. Thanks to our years of experience and training, equipment, and products from ServiceMaster Clean, we have what it takes to restore your property to pre-water damage condition.

As a part of the community in Southeast South Dakota and the Yankton area, we are committed to providing excellent customer service to our customers. You’re more than customers to us – you are our friends and neighbors, and we treat you like family.

When you have a water damage problem, call us at ServiceMaster of Southeast South Dakota. We’re your water damage restoration experts.

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