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Special Area Rug Cleaning May Be Needed in Yankton, SD

May 19th, 2015 · No Comments

All across the country, as well as Southeast South Dakota and the Yankton area, a current trend in home design is replacing wall-to-wall carpeting with hardwood or laminate flooring and accenting the room with an area rug. A well chosen area rug can add color and warmth to a room. However, caring for some area rugs may require special care.

As with any rug or carpet, there are some basic cleaning practices to follow to keep your area rugs looking their best for years to come:


  • Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. You’ve probably heard this before, but regular, thorough vacuuming is your number one defense against excessive wear in high traffic areas. Regular vacuuming will remove sand and gritty materials from your area rug before it has a chance to work its way deep into the fibers. Dirt and sand that is allowed to work into an area rug or any carpet will actually cut through fibers due to the abrasive action that occurs from foot traffic. Thorough vacuuming means moving the vacuum slowly over an area and repeating the process several times. To get deep down, vacuum in more than one direction. This will raise the knap and allow the vacuum to remove more dirt


  • Clean up spills as soon as possible. The longer a spill remains on an area rug, the deeper it will soak into the fibers. When cleaning up a spill, always blot, never rub. It may be tempting to rub or wipe with a bit of force, but doing so actually works the spill deeper and makes it more difficult to remove.


  • Do not use harsh cleaners. This can be especially true for natural fiber area rugs. A cleaning product that may be suitable for wall-to-wall carpet may be too harsh for some area rugs. A simple solution of a teaspoon of mild dish detergent to a quart of warm water or a bit of white vinegar and warm water is usually sufficient to do the job. Rinse the area with clean cool water a little at a time. If the spill area is allowed to get too wet, it may soak through the rug and damage the hard surface floor underneath. Place something under the wet area to lift the rug off the floor while drying.


  • Clean area rugs and carpeting once a year. Besides regular vacuuming, an annual cleaning helps keep area rugs as well as carpeting from becoming permanently soiled by high traffic.

As tempting as it may be to perform area rug cleaning yourself, it’s a task best left to a professional like ServiceMaster of Southeast South Dakota. Many area rugs are made of materials that don’t stand up well to standard carpet cleaning products. A professional carpet cleaner will analyze the fibers of your carpet and use a method for cleaning that is compatible with the weave and materials of the rug.

ServiceMaster of Southeast South Dakota employs specialists who are trained in all types of carpet and area rug cleaning. When you trust your area rugs to ServiceMaster of Southeast South Dakota, you can be sure they will receive the best care possible.

At ServiceMaster of Southeast South Dakota, we have been serving Southeastern South Dakota and the Yankton area for years. We consider it a privilege to serve our customers and look forward to working with you. Contact us today!

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