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Plan Ahead for Summer Tornadoes and Disaster Renovation in Southeast South Dakota

July 17th, 2015 · No Comments

According to USATornadoes.com, South Dakota sees an average of 23 tornadoes during the months of June and July. Preparing your home for a tornado and planning ahead is a great way to lessen the hard hits an unexpected tornado will cause. Below you will find some useful tips for creating a safety plan for your home during the crucial months. If you are already dealing with tornado damage on your property in the Yankton, SD area, ServiceMaster Clean of Southeast South Dakota is on call to serve all your disaster restoration needs.


Seek Indoor Shelter Immediately

The safest place during a storm is the indoors. After receiving a tornado warning, gather family members quickly and move down to the lowest floor of your home. Windowless basements or cellars are preferable because windows and glass doors are unsafe due to the high risk of them breaking. According to NationalGeographic.com, cars and trailers provide little to no protection during a storm. Lie down flat on the road or ground if you can’t find shelter indoors.

Stay Tuned

Turn radios and televisions to local news stations to keep updated on the status of the storm. Investing in wireless radios is a great way to ensure you will be able to access radio signals, especially if the power goes out. Humidity, strong heat, and dark clouds are usually precursors to a tornado. Get indoors and turn on news stations as soon as possible to alert yourself and family members of a possible storm.


Create an Emergency Disaster Kit

Putting together a bag of useful essentials for a storm is a great way to ensure you are ready to take on an unexpected tornado. According to The South Dakota Office of Emergency Management, some useful tools include copies of all important legal documents, sanitation supplies, canned food, and first aid materials. Waterproof matches and candles are great things to have in case the power goes out and you are stuck in a dark basement long into the night.


Preparing yourself and your family ahead of time makes a tornado seem a lot less scary. Despite the effectiveness of creating a disaster plan, damage may still occur to your home or property. The first thing to do after a tornado is assess the property damage and call a professional cleaning service. If you are facing a disaster renovation situation in the Yankton, SD area, call ServiceMaster Clean of Southeast South Dakota.



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