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Extending Your Carpet Life with Everyday Tips and Professional Carpet Cleaning in Yankton, SD

September 27th, 2016 · No Comments

Carpet can be a tremendous addition to your home or business, adding a coziness and homey quality that is unattainable with any other type of furnishing. However, carpeting can also be an expensive investment that will quickly degrade without proper care. Utilizing professional carpet cleaning will go a long way in protecting your investment and extending your carpet life. ServiceMaster Clean of Southeast South Dakota offers comprehensive, expert carpet cleaning in Yankton, SD, to give your carpets the care they need and deserve.

Most carpets are guaranteed to last 3-5 years under the duress of average wear and tear, but with mistreatment, any type of carpet can degrade within just one year. Comparatively, with daily care and regular professional cleaning, your carpets can maintain quality longer than 5 years—in some cases lasting up to ten glorious annum.

While frequent professional care is the key to a long-lasting carpet, there are several things you can do as a business or homeowner to keep your carpets in good condition for longer:

Vacuum: The number one rule to carpet maintenance is to vacuum often and thoroughly. Carpeting acts like a passive filter for your interior environment and inevitably collects abrasive dirt, bacteria, and mold spores. If these particles aren’t removed at least once a week they can permanently damage carpet fibers.

Go Shoeless: Leaving your shoes at the door is a polite tradition in many cultures, but it also helps protect your carpets. Wearing shoes indoors exposes your floors to a host of dirt and damaging particles that can easily be avoided.

Rearrange: Over time, furniture and paths of traffic over your carpet can leave worn or dented spots in carpet fibers. Within a year, furniture divots can become permanent, and worn spots can compromise your carpet integrity. Moving furniture and interior decor around every few months can keep things interesting and protect your carpet’s longevity.

Attack Spills: Spot cleaning may seem like a superficial way of treating spills and stains in your carpet, but it can actually protect your carpets more immediately than waiting for a professional cleaning. Cleaning spills as they occur will prevent more permanent damage.

For more information about how our professional carpet cleaning in Yankton, SD, can help your carpets live longer and stronger, contact ServiceMaster Clean of Southeast South Dakota at (605) 665-7080.

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