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When DIY Carpet Cleaning Goes Wrong in Yankton, SD

December 12th, 2017 · No Comments

When we get calls from homeowners who have tried to clean their carpeting in Yankton, SD, the story is almost always the same. They were looking to clean their carpet and save a few dollars, but the result was not satisfactory. There are a few reasons for this, so ServiceMaster Clean of SE South Dakota wants to share with you why professional carpet cleaning can save you money and time.

Natural vs. Synthetic
Carpeting needs to be cleaned specifically according to the fiber type. To effectively break down stains, the pH balance of the detergents needs to match the type of stain and the type of fiber. If it doesn’t, you’ll end up with more discoloration than clean. This can also lead to permanently damaging the carpet and costing you a replacement.

Stains and Spots

Most people think they’re the same thing, but they’re not when it comes to carpet cleaning. A spot is a discoloration that is sitting on the top of the carpet fiber, while a stain has moved into the fibers causing damage to its color and texture. A DIY carpet cleaner treats them the same and can drive water and detergent into a spot, effectively turning it into a stain rather than cleaning it. Our trained technicians know the difference and can clean both spots and stains effectively.

The Wrong Detergent

The detergent you will find at your local home store isn’t specially formulated for your carpet. Also, homeowners tend to think that the more detergent there is, the more likely it is to get the carpet clean. This is the opposite of the truth, and detergent that is left in the carpet fibers can attract dirt. The sticky components in the detergent mean that dirt, dust, and other contaminants just get ground in more deeply. With our customized detergent and high-powered water extraction, your carpet will be cleaned the right way and will dry quickly.

DIY carpet cleaning won’t save you money. A healthy carpet that is free of dirt, oils, and grime can be accomplished so much more quickly and with much better results when ServiceMaster Clean of SE South Dakota is on the job. If your home in Yankton, SD, needs carpet cleaning, give us a call and save yourself the grief and hassle of ineffective home carpet cleaning methods. Contact us at (605) 665-7080.

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