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In 2019 Resolve to Properly Clean Carpets in Yankton, SD

January 2nd, 2019 · No Comments

Start the New Year off right in Yankton, SD! While many folks use January as a time to reset and recharge with personal resolutions—oftentimes about fitness, healthy eating, or other lifestyle changes—why don’t you resolve to do something a bit different? This year, what if your resolution was about your home? What if it was about creating and taking care of your space, such as cleaning your home from the carpets to the ceilings?


We’re here to help create a new cleaning regimen, starting with your carpets. But before you dive into a brand-new approach to carpet cleaning, let’s take a look at common pitfalls to avoid on your road to your cleaning resolution:


Reduce Wet: When you clean carpets in your home, do not go heavy on water. If you do use water to clean carpeting, there should not be enough to soak through the carpet and onto the padding or backing. Too much water might discolor or shrink carpets in the long run, so use it sparingly during the cleaning process!


Reduce Shampoo: Too much shampoo results in too much residue! Although cleaning products are intended to remove stains from carpeting, too much shampoo or other cleaning product might just create new stains and issues in your carpet. Clean carpets carefully and use products in moderation.


Reduce Contact: If you decide to tackle carpet cleaning this New Year, start by removing all furniture from the space first. Cleaning carpets takes time and needs space. If there is furniture in the area, it might end up stained or water logged as a result of carpet cleaning. Furniture with wooden legs or arms is especially important to remove because wood is most likely to leave stains. Always take care of furniture during home carpet cleaning!


Hire Professionals: Having professionals to clean your carpets ensures your carpets won’t suffer damage, will be thoroughly cleaned, and can even extend your carpet’s lifespan. The professionals at ServiceMaster Clean will ensure your carpets are cleaned thoroughly and effectively, removing any ground in dirt, debris, and dander.


This New Year, resolve to clean your home in Yankton, SD, from bottom to top, starting with carpet cleaning. Although there are a number of ways to approach home carpet cleaning, avoid common pitfalls in order to stay on track in 2019.


Looking for extra help with carpet cleaning this New Year? Let the professionals at ServiceMaster Clean help with your resolution, and give us a call today!

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