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Negative Health Effects of Water Damage in Yankton, SD

January 30th, 2019 · No Comments

Winter water damage is serious business in Yankton, SD, especially if your family is already concerned about staying warm and healthy throughout the winter season! With so many cold and flu symptoms flying around this time of year, make sure your home environment isn’t also negatively impacting your family’s health.


Here are just a few ways that winter water damage negatively impacts your health:


  • Mold: After water damage has occurred, excess moisture may not be the only issue to contend with in your home. That moisture can create a prime environment for mold to grow, and mold can aggravate existing health issues such as asthma and allergies or cause other respiratory illnesses. Make every effort to have mold professionally removed from your home as soon as you notice it!
  • Stress: Water damage is a stressful problem to resolve. Whether it’s from a small leak in the basement or a bad case of burst pipes, dealing with water damage increases the amount of stress you take on during the winter months. Increased stress can lead to a compromised immune system and leave you vulnerable to colds or flu.
  • Injury: Attempting to remove water damage from your home may result in serious injury to yourself or family members. If water pools around electrical wires or causes serious damage to your furniture or home, your family members may be in danger. Rather than risking those injuries upon yourself, hire a professional water damage remediation service to get the job done safely and correctly!


Hiring a professional water remediation service will keep your family safe this winter in Yankton, SD. Avoid the mold, stress, and injuries associated with burst pipes or leaks by contacting our professional cleaners to assist throughout the process of water damage remediation. Don’t allow water damage to ruin your February. Instead, give ServiceMaster Clean of Southeast South Dakota a call at (605) 665-7080!


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