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How to Handle Water Damage Restoration in Yankton, SD

May 9th, 2019 · No Comments

Water damage is a serious concern during the month of May in Yankton, SD. Along with major snow melts, homes contend with heavy rainfall or potential flooding. So, how do you keep yourself and your family safe?


Fortunately, the professionals at ServiceMaster are here to help, and here to support you throughout the process of water damage restoration. Here are a few things to consider as you make an insurance claim and recover from the damage:


Contact Your Insurance Company: If you realize your home is experiencing water damage, such as a hurricane, mud slide, or flood, immediately remove yourself and your family from the area. Once you find a safe place, your first call about water damage restoration should be to your insurance company. Speak with an agent directly so you understand what will and will not be covered.


Call for Restoration Services: Once your insurance company understands the extent of your water damage, contact a restoration company such as ServiceMaster. Our professionals can assist you in removing excess water or dangerous materials, and in evaluating problems within the home before it incurs further water damage. From a monetary standpoint, implementing these steps may assist in reducing your claim amount and increasing the support from your insurance company.


Take Photographic Inventory: As you restore the water damage around your home, take stock of all damage. Note which items can be replaced and take extensive pictures to accompany your insurance claim. Additionally, communicate with your restoration company to understand the extent and severity of the water damage.


Whether from flooding or heavy rainfall, burst pipes, or mudslides, water damage is a serious, difficult problem in Yankton, SD. If your home has sustained water damage recently, enlist some professional assistance. Call the team at ServiceMaster Clean of Southeast South Dakota and allow us to help throughout this challenging process.

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