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Mold Remediation to Keep your Family Healthy in the Yankton, SD, Area

August 5th, 2019 · No Comments

Although your first concern following water damage in the Yankton, SD, area may be water removal or damaged furniture, it’s important to also consider the process of mold remediation and removal around your home.


Mold tends to grow in damp areas, and if your home has sustained substantial flooding from a burst pipe or storm, your family may be at risk for health-related issues. Here are just a few important reasons to consider mold remediation this August:


Allergy Irritants: Mold remediation is important for any home, but especially if anyone within your family already has asthma or allergies. Consistent exposure to mold spores will further irritate these ailments, or might sometimes cause them, which makes it difficult for family members to breathe easily around your home.


Respiratory Illness: Other respiratory issues, such as bronchitis or hypersensitivity, can be exacerbated by mold and mildew in your home. More particulates in the air means more work for people’s respiratory systems. Hiring a professional mold remediation team will ensure that individuals are safe and breathe easier.


Other Issues: In addition to allergy irritants and respiratory illnesses, mold causes additional health-related issues around your home following water damage. For example, individuals may suffer long-term infections, hemorrhages, or even “Toxic Mold Syndrome.” Rather than allowing these issues to progress, invest in mold remediation as soon as possible.


Following water damage, it’s important to focus on keeping your family safe in the Yankton, SD, area. Although removing water and protecting furniture is important, both these processes are not nearly as valuable as investing in your family’s health, wellness, and long-term safety.


Contact the staff members at ServiceMaster Clean of South East South Dakota today for all your mold remediation needs, and keep your family safe and healthy following water damage within the month of August—and any time.


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