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Fire Prevention Tips from the Fire Damage Experts

October 16th, 2019 · No Comments

October is National Fire Prevention Month, which means folks across the country should take the time to understand exactly how to prevent fires. In the Yankton, SD area, use this month as an opportunity to avoid fire damage or fire damage restoration.


Here are a few different types of fires to prepare for during this time of year, along with some prevention techniques to keep yourself and others safe:


  • House Fires: Fire damage restoration is a long, often challenging process within your home. Rather than risk the safety of your home, take precautions such as checking fire extinguishers and practicing kitchen safety. Additionally, if there are children in your home, make sure they understand the risks associated with fire.
  • Workplace Fires: Although it may be frightening to consider a workplace fire, avoid fire damage restoration within your office by following similar procedures. Update fire extinguishers and, if there are any stovetops or microwaves in the break room, make sure these are up to code and working properly. Also, use October as an opportunity to teach your workplace community about fire safety through fire drills, posters, and office initiatives.
  • Bonfires: Fall is often the perfect time for a roaring bonfire. Take the time to understand the codes in your area regarding fire safety and any ordinances concerning backyard fire pits. If you decide to light a fire, keep an extinguisher or bucket of water nearby, and make certain not to go inside until every ember is out, otherwise that backyard bonfire might become an outdoor danger resulting in fire damage restoration needs for your home and neighboring property.


Being proactive with fire prevention is the best way to avoid the need for fire damage restoration in the Yankton, SD area. Keep family members, friends, and co-workers safe this October, and pay attention to National Fire Prevention Month.


If you’re in need of fire damage restoration or have further questions about how to protect your home or office, give the team at ServiceMaster Clean of Southeast South Dakota a call today!

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