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How to Freshen Carpet This January

January 16th, 2020 · No Comments

January is the perfect month to freshen carpets in your commercial space within the Yankton, SD, area. Although the weather outside might be frightful, and every person who walks through your door may be tracking in snow, slush, or mud, a professional cleaner can ensure that your carpets remain fresh all year long!


So, say goodbye to funky-smelling carpet this month. Here are just a few tips from the professionals to keep in mind for how to freshen carpet.


Recognizing Odors: The first step to removing odors from your office carpeting and starting the process of freshening it is to start sniffing around! We often become accustomed to the smells and odors associated with certain places, especially if we spend a great deal of time there, and this can make it difficult to recognize that something is off within your own workplace. Try “stepping back” and recognizing where different smells are coming from. By gathering information like this, you’ll know how to proceed!


Removing Unwanted Smells: If you do notice a strange smell emanating from your commercial carpeting, start by using natural deodorizers. These include common household products such as baking soda or vinegar. Before applying these materials to an entire carpet or area of the carpet, however, test them out in a small, unnoticeable spot of your carpet. This will tell you if the carpet responds poorly or if it really freshens up the carpet!


Preventing Future Odors: The two key factors to preventing future odors in a commercial office space? Investing in proper ventilation and ensuring that your humidity is under control. Although these two steps may seem simple, they require regular updates and maintenance in order to be truly effective.


So, this season in the Yankton, SD, area, start by freshening your carpets. If you are uncertain how to proceed, or have further questions about how to freshen carpet, have no fear. The professional cleaning staff at ServiceMaster Clean of Southeast South Dakota is here to help, so give us a call at (605) 665-7080 today!

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