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Let Us Handle Your Burst Pipe Cleanup

February 20th, 2020 · No Comments

Water damage is a serious issue this time of year in the Yankton, SD area, especially following burst pipe damage. Fortunately, the team at ServiceMaster Clean of Southeast South Dakota is here to help you throughout the process of burst pipe cleanup.


If a water damage disaster strikes your home this winter season, here are just a few of the ways in which our team can help you clean up the mess:

Step One – Turn Off the Water

Our team is happy to help your family with the process of water removal, but before that begins, it’s important to turn off the water! Turning off the main valve in your home will ensure that damage is limited and doesn’t get any worse.

Step Two – Remove Furniture and Belongings

Before anything begins to mold, allow our team to help you remove furniture and personal belongings from your home. This is especially important for furniture made of upholstery or fabric. If any materials are significantly damaged following a burst pipe, it’s important to throw them away.

Step Three – Water Removal

Once the water is off and the furniture is removed, our professional team can begin removing excess water. There are many options for removing water, including utilizing a pump or water vacuum. Our professional staff members will use our expertise to apply the best methods available during burst pipe cleanup!


Winter can be a challenging time of year for water damage in South Dakota. If you’ve experienced water damage this season in the Yankton, SD area, invest in high-quality burst pipe cleanup. Our professional staff members are available for your family throughout the process.


If a burst pipe drenches you home and belongings, give the experienced staff members at ServiceMaster Clean of Southeast South Dakota a call immediately at (605) 665-7080 and allow us to start the process of burst pipe cleanup as soon as possible!


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